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We are a fully integrated player representation and management group exclusively dedicated to the soccer market.  Our combined expertise in the areas of interpersonal relations, negotiations, marketing, legal and financial acumen sets us apart. 


We are based in the United States of America and have established strategic alliances with other companies and agents in Central and South America, and Europe, including Scandinavian Countries.  Our network is vast and has the ability to reach every corner of the world but more importantly connect players and clubs.


Our lead agent is a Licensed FIFA Player's Agent as set forth in the FIFA Football Agent Regulations. He has also been granted a FIFA authorization to work with minors.  We have the ability and the capacity to represent players, complete transfers and loans with any soccer club or federation in the world as long as they are a duly sanctioned FIFA member.

Player Representation

People will tell you, "if you have a contract you are set".  In reality nothing could be further from the truth.  There will be many instances where soccer and "non-soccer" related situations will come your way and you must be ready to act quickly and effectively.  And, because you are a professional athlete everybody will be watching which leave you with no margin for error.


Whether it is speaking on your behalf at a press conference, drafting an official statement or simply connecting with coaches from different clubs, we serve as your official liaison between you and a club, a sponsor and the media.  We will work with you, act on a timely manner and take care of things.  In other words, we've got your back.

Contract Negotiation

Just because you are a talented player does not make you a talented negotiator.  Clubs know your background, where you are coming from, they are familiar with FIFA laws and regulations and they know their league, they have experts on their team - lawyers, marketers, advisors all working as a unit to get the best deal for their investment.  Shouldn't you do the same for yourself?


Let our team of experts dissect each contract heading your way.  Let our agent fairly negotiate the terms of a contract that best compensate you and fit your needs. "Money isn't everything but it helps", that is true but in addition to money, securing the right terms on your contract will provide you a solid professional career.  Trust us.

Loans & Transfers

Player loans and transfers are very complex and difficult negotiations.  This is an area where a Registered Agent acting on your behalf will best serve your needs.  A Registered Agent will be allowed to sit at the negotiating table, get full disclosure of the entire transaction, including financial and legal terms and more importantly "negotiate the best deal for you".


There are many aspects to this type of transactions, including but not limited to coordination between federations, clubs, ITC issuance, TMS requirements and datelines, medical exams, etc.  You owe it to yourself to do it right.  It is your future and we can help you.

Marketing & Promotion

When the time is right, we will provide you with all the support and expertise you deserve to maximize the benefits of endorsement opportunities that we will secure for you as your success on the pitch soars.


Marketing and promotion initiatives when done right have a direct beneficial impact on your income.

Financial Advice

We know that you have dreams, promises that you have made to significant ones and that you look to a future of peace, happiness and financial independence.


As a player you don’t know how long your career is going to last.  Be smart, build your own financial security from the start.  We can help you and guide you to accomplish it.

Legal Advice

We have teamed up with reputable legal counsel on our side to assist you in any transactional issues that may present itself. 

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