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Here at PSP, we draft and review player contracts on a daily basis and regularly talk to players, general managers, team owners and other agents and scouts.  As an agency, we constantly receive requests from clubs seeking players and understand what they are looking for.  We also conduct video analyses; evaluate stats and career trends, and tackle matters related to health insurance, taxes, past due salaries, bonuses and more.  To accomplish all of this in a professional and competent manner requires a dedicated team of experts that many players can’t access on their own.


Experience has taught us that even the most self-educated players in the business of soccer or even those with a strong support system (parents, siblings, spouse, a lawyer friend) are still at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating a contract with a club.  The club still has the upper hand particularly given all the nuances and contract terms to flesh out (i.e., duration, benefits, salaries, transfer opportunities, loans, bonuses, out-clauses and more).


Here is where we come in.  Let us help you approach the negotiation table completely armed with knowledge and facts, through our new service, Agent On Demand.


Agent on Demand, gives any soccer player 18 years+, regardless of playing level, the chance to talk to us directly without the need to sign a formal representation contract with PSP and get the answers to your questions resolved.


Agent on Demand is a consulting service where we offer professional, expert advice on anything related to professional soccer. This is a unique opportunity to have access to our team of agents, attorneys, accountants and scouts.


Here are a few examples of when you may need Agent on Demand services:


  • You were just offered a contract by a club, and you do not have an agent and/or attorney to review it.

  • You want to know what you should include in your CV that you’re going to send out to clubs.

  • You want to know if you are being offered a competitive salary.

  • The club you play for wants to terminate your player contract early, but you haven’t done anything wrong. Is this legal? What are your options?


We’re here to help. To protect your talent, time and assets, you want to get proper guidance from professionals who work in this environment day-in and day-out.


It all starts with a free consultation. No registration required, no contracts to sign, no money up-front. You control how you want to work with us.


To get started with Agent on Demand simply book your Free 15-min Initial Consultation by clicking on the button below. It’s that simple.

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